Pure love 

In the days since I revealed my story to those around me a lot has happened.

The support I have gained is by far phenomenal! I have learned just how much love there is, not only for me, but Weston and M&A as well! 

I want to use this time to thank all of my positive family and friends! It means the world to know how much you all support us! 

I have also noticed that some still do not understand or agree. Instead of stooping to an immature level, I’ll just help shed some light. 

Adoptions are not all like they have been in the past, or how we see on television. My adoption is very much open and absolutely beautiful. I will forever be grateful for this! 

Weston’s parents and I have had a magnificent experience! In the short amount of time we have known each other I have learned so much. I am proud to call them family. 

We exchange pictures quite often. I even send them packages! It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I am still able to spoil him. We talk all the time, giving each other updates on anything new. 

 M&A are extraordinary parents! In the pictures I see, Weston seems like the happiest little boy. They take such great care of him! I know God guided me to them for a purpose. They were meant to be Weston’s parents! 

Maybe I am rambling, but what I’m trying to say is sometimes adoptions are misunderstood. Yes, it is not easy.  As a birth mother we go through the stress of constantly wondering about our children. We may have placed our child into the arms of another family, but this does not mean we never loved that child.

 I will always love this baby boy. I will always know that my decision to place him in the arms of M&A is the best thing that could have been done for him. 

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